The Lean Guide To Nuclear Energy
Nuclear power plant in Cattenom, France

Nuclear Energy links

David Fleming on The Oil Drum David Fleming summarises the findings of The Lean Guide to Nuclear Energy on The Oil Drum:Europe.

Storm Van Leeuwen and Smith Jan Willem Storm van Leeuwen and the late Philip Smith have produced an outstanding work of analysis on all stages of the nuclear life cycle. Also see Storm van Leeuewen's readable summary of the nuclear life-cycle (pdf), published by the Oxford Research Group.

The Red Book The "Red Book" is widely regarded as the most authoritative source on the quantity and quality of the remaining uranium ore, and of future prospects for production. It is prepared by the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) in partnership with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and the 2005 edition was published in June 2006.

University of Sydney (pdf) A detailed report on the "Life-Cycle Energy Balance and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Nuclear Energy in Australia" prepared for the Australian Government.

Rocky Mountain Institute (pdf) http://www.rmi.orh/.../ A 2009 paper in which Amory Lovins debunks the latest arguments in favour of nuclear energy.

A little makes a lot? A brief article by John Busby examining the claim that a relatively tiny amount of uranium generates as much electricity as a huge amount of coal. Also see his insightful longer article explaining why nuclear power is not a sustainable source of low carbon energy.

Dr. Helen Caldicott Founder and President of the Nuclear Policy Research Institute (NPRI), headquartered in Washington DC. NPRI's mission is to facilitate a far-reaching, effective, ongoing public education campaign in the mainstream media about the often-underestimated dangers of nuclear weapons and power programs and policies.

Europe's radioactive secret A Greenpeace report exposing illegal European exports of radioactive waste to some of Russia's most contaminated sites, with the waste being transported on non-purpose-built general cargo ships.

The Convenient Solution (video) A 9 minute video from Greenpeace UK highlighting the more sensible alternatives to building nuclear power stations in the UK.


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