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Wheat farmland, West Berkshire, Great Britain

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The Center for Responsible Nanotechnology Like any powerful technology, nanotechnology has potential for both benefit and harm. The CRN believes that a stance of cautious optimism is called for. Caution demands that we understand the capabilities of advanced nanotechnology before it arrives, and work to prepare for the changes it will bring.

DEFRA on Nanotechnology The UK Government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is working to promote the responsible development and use of nano-scale materials, and hoping to manage any potential risks to the environment while maximising the benefits of nanotechnologies.

Organic farming could feed the world A July 2007 article in New Scientist on findings that a switch to organic farming would not reduce the world's food supply and could also increase food security in developing countries.

The Organic Research Centre, Elm Farm The Organic Research Centre, Elm Farm works to develop and support sustainable land-use, agriculture and food systems, primarily within local economies, which build on organic principles to ensure the health and well-being of soil, plant, animal, man and the environment.

The Soil Association The UK's leading campaigning and certification organisation for organic food and farming.


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