The Lean Economy Connection

Dr. David Fleming

Dr. David Fleming was the Founder Director of the Lean Economy Connection, who passed away unexpectedly on the 29th November 2010.

He was an independent writer in the fields of energy, environment, economics, society and culture and first published the system of TEQs (formerly Domestic Tradable Quotas - DTQs) in 1996. The wider context of our times is addressed in his book Lean Logic: A Dictionary for the Future and How to Survive It, published posthumously by Chelsea Green Publishing in 2016.

David will be sadly missed by all who worked with him. His obituaries, and the various online tributes paid to him and his work have been collected here. For a fuller and wider biography, see his entry on Wikipedia.

TLEC Board

Shaun Chamberlin

Shaun Chamberlin is a specialist in climate change and the energy peak. He worked closely with Dr. Fleming for the last four years of his life.

He was a member of DEFRA's Personal Carbon Allowances Advisory Group, reviewing progress in the UK government's pre-feasibility study into TEQs, and co-authored the All Party Parliamentary report into the scheme. He is also a director of the Ecological Land Co-operative and author of the Transition movement's second book, The Transition Timeline. His wider work is discussed at his own Dark Optimism site. To contact Shaun, click here.

Victoria Hurth

Dr. Victoria Hurth is a lecturer at Plymouth University with a professional background as a management and marketing consultant. Her PhD considered the social, cultural and marketing influences that shape energy consumption and she is a regular guest lecturer on Sustainable Marketing. She has been a Climate Change Advocate for the British Council and currently sits at a committee level for the British Standards Institution, the Plymouth Social Enterprise Network and the Plymouth Climate Change Commission.

Larch Maxey

Dr. Larch Maxey is a Research Fellow at Plymouth University with over twenty years' experience of teaching, researching and practising sustainability. He has produced over forty academic and popular publications, including a co-edited book on Low Impact Development. He is also a member of the Steering Group of both the Ecological Land Co-operative and the Network of Wellbeing.

Jules Peck

Jules Peck has worked in sustainability and well-being for twenty-five years and is a founding partner of the Flourishing Enterprise consultancy, Chairman of the Edelman Sustainability and Citizenship Group and a member of the Advisory Board of Richard Branson's B Team. He is also a trustee of the new economics foundation, a fellow of the think tank ResPublica and a director of the Happy City movement. He previously worked for two years as the director of David Cameron's Quality of Life Commission.

Alexis Rowell

Alexis Rowell is the founder of the cuttingthecarbon consultancy. He worked for nine years as a BBC journalist and for four years was a councillor for the London Borough of Camden, chairing their all-party Sustainability Task Force. He is also News Editor for the Transition Free Press newspaper and author of Communities, Councils and Carbon: what we can do if governments won't.