The Lean Economy Connection
The Lean Economy Connection

Note that The Lean Economy Connection now has a new name - The Fleming Policy Centre - and a new website. This website is retained only for historical interest.

Henri Rousseau, 1892 - Le centenaire de l'independance

Welcome to the Lean Economy Connection

The Lean Economy Connection is a research centre based in London, England. Its aim is to design strategies in the context of the environmental problems that are now upon us, especially climate change and the depletion of fossil fuels.

Four things distinguish The Lean Economy Connection from the many other research centres in the field:

1. It was the originator (in 1996) of Tradable Energy Quotas (aka Domestic Tradable Quotas), the developed model of personal carbon trading which is now being investigated worldwide as a means of guaranteeing national carbon emissions reductions and rationing energy in the event of shortages.

2. It covers the broad range of policy areas relevant to the long task of reconnecting society and rebuilding community that will set the agenda for policy in the future. It has developed the principle that the enlightened industrial management system known as "Lean Thinking" is a helpful guideline to thinking about the future of society as a whole.

3. It communicates in non-technical language designed for everyone - not just policy professionals.

4. The vision of the Lean Economy - an optimistic and positive view of the long term, stable, intelligent and culturally rich future which human society could enjoy if we understand the current predicament and respond to it decisively.